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Fruit Pops - Berry Blast - Makes 3 pops (Limited Edition)

Fruit Pops - Berry Blast - Makes 3 pops (Limited Edition)

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Get a pack of this super delicious & safe Strawberry & Blueberry Pops mix

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Our latest yummy-licious popsicle is here!

This delicious blend of strawberry & blueberry is a perfect summer treat. Get your hands on this limited edition popsicle flavour, now!

Make in 3 easy steps... Blend, Freeze & Lick! 

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Can I Know More?

What's in the box?

Each Fruit Pops Box contains 1 x 50g pouches of the real-fruit pop mix, with which you can make 3 yummy popsicles. Each 50g sachet when blended with 150ml of water makes 3 popsicles.

What is the Nutritional Content?

How Do I Make?

Blend the contents of 1 pouch with 150 ml of water for about 15 seconds at lowest speed. Or mix the powder into the water using a spoon, until it is completely dissolved. Hint: you must mix until there is no powder left at the bottom. Pour the juice into moulds. Freeze them for 6-10 hours. Hold the mould under running water and count till 15. Pull out the popsicle! Then lick and enjoy your yummy fruit pops.