Our Story

Hello there! 

Welcome to Whip Up Magic, a magical land of fun for your kids.

We are a group of parents who are deeply passionate about kids and food, on a mission to whip up a magical time for kids, through food.

We believe that kids learn a lot when they engage with food. As parents ourselves, we see first-hand how much our kids love to experiment and create, and the sheer joy and sense of achievement they experience when they make something.

Kids gain a lot of skills when they get hands-on with food - from motor skills to ratios to following instructions and the science behind the processes.  They also imbibe values like cleaning up after themselves, being open to trying new things and teamwork. As a bonus, they get comfortable in the kitchen, which is great in the long run. 

So, we got on a mission to create fun DIY food kits, that kids can make themselves. All our products are clean foods, made with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. They can be whipped up in 3 simple steps and kids have a great time creating their own delicacies and treating the whole family.

From popsicles to jellies in various flavours and fun shaped moulds -they enter a world where they get to feed their imagination! We have a whole lot of exciting new products lined up too, ranging from cookies to hot chocolate, to pastas and pizzas! Expect new stuff from us all the time😊

Here’s to creating some fun times and magic for your little ones (and you).