Hello there! 

Welcome to Whip Up Magic, a magical land of fun for your kids.

We are a group of parents who are deeply passionate about kids and food, on a mission to whip up a magical time for kids, through food.

As parents ourselves, we see first hand how much our kids love to experiment and create, and the sheer joy and sense of achievement they experience when they make something. We also believe that kids gain a lot, both in terms of values and skills when they get hands-on with food. Bonus, they get comfortable in the kitchen, which is great in the long run. 

Fruit Pops is the first of a range of products that bring together food and fun in all kinds of creative and wonderful ways. 

‘Why Fruit Pops’, you ask? Simple: because popsicles make everything happier and fun.
Our Fruit Pops are loaded with the goodness of real fruit and Vitamin C, minus any artificial flavours, preservatives or colours. So they are healthy as well as tasty. And the steps to make them are super simple and easy to follow, which makes them a great activity for your kids. In fact, the more kids, the more fun, we say! 

Here’s to creating some fun times and magic for your little ones (and you).