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This is a super fun DIY jelly kit, with 3 packs of real fruit Jelly mix that has no artificial colours flavours or preservatives. There is also a cute silicone mould with some activity sheets! Buy away!

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Product Description:


Did you know that there is a jelly mix that is free from artificial colours, flavours or preservatives? and has real fruit? and is vegan?!

Yep! Wobbles, a DIY jelly kit for your kids, A kit complete with real fruit Jelly powder in 3 flavours, beautifully shaped jelly moulds and activity sheets that will keep your kids engaged.

It is extremely easy to make for kids while also having fun - all you have to do is Mix, Set for 20 minutes and enjoy your wobbly jellies!

Wobbles comes in 3 delicious flavours - Strawberry, Pineapple and Mango. The Wobbles box has one 40g sachet of each flavour and each sachet can make ~10 jellies using the  moulds in our box. Get your kids to unleash their creativity by setting the remaining jelly mix in any container of your kids choice :)

They can be enjoyed with fruits, custards, faloodas, ice creams or even simply on their own. Get your Wobbles box now to give your kids a chance to make their own yummy wobbly jellies!

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Can I Know More?

What's in the box?

This kit comes with real 1 sachet of 40gms each (makes 12-14 jellies), of fruit Jelly powder. All 3 different flavours (mango, pinappple & strawberry) are includede in this kit, 1silicone cute shaped jelly moulds (you can choose which shape!), a measuring cup and activity sheets that will keep your kids engaged.

What is the Nutritional Content?

Per 13g Mango Wobbles: Energy: 49kcal Carbohydrate:11.8g Added Sugar:5.8g Protein: 0.3g Fat: 0.1g Sodium: 0mg Strawberry Wobbles: Energy: 48.9kcal Carbohydrate: 12g Added Sugar: 5.8g Protein: 0.0g Fat: 0.1g Sodium: 0mg Pineapple Wobbles: Energy: 49.2kcal Carbohydrate: 11.9g Added sugar: 5.8g Protein: 0.2g Fat: 0.1g Sodium: 0mg

How Do I Make?

Mix the contents of 1 sachet with 200ml of water and microwave for 2 minutes @900W (or) Heat on stove until first boil. Stir the mixture again. Pour the mixture into jelly moulds and allow to set for 20 minutes at room temperature. Unmould onto a plate and let the fruit jellies wobble.

Easy To Make

Young Chef Whipping Some Magic!


What are the ingredients in wobbles?

Real fruit powder, Sugar, Carrageenan.

What is the shelf life of Wobbles?

12 months.

Are wobbles sugar-free?

No,they are not sugar-free. Each serving of wobbles (13g) contains ~6 grams of sugar (1.5 tsp of sugar).

Do wobbles contain artificial flavours & colours?

No, they don’t. They are made with natural colours and nature identical flavours.

How many wobbles can be made with one sachet?

It depends on the size of the jelly mould used, you will be able to make 200ml of Jelly with 1 sachet of 40g.

What do I need to make my wobbles?

To make Wobbles you just need 200 ml of water,1 pouch of wobble mix and a jelly

For how long do I need to heat the wobbles?

The wobbles must be microwaved for 2 minutes at 900W.

Can you make wobbles without using a microwave?

Yes, you can ! The Wobbles mixture can be heated on an induction or on a gas stove
at medium flame until first boil (~ 2 mins) and then pour it into the mould and set it.

How long does wobble take to set?

It takes 20 minutes* to set.

How can I get my wobbles out of the jelly mould?

Once the wobbles are set for 20 minutes, pop the jellies out from the mould onto a plate.

Can I add any other real fruit to my wobbles?

Yes, absolutely! You can add fruits, or chia seeds or basil (sabja) seeds or anything else you fancy to jazz up your wobble creations!

Can wobbles be set without any moulds?

Yes, wobbles can be set on any surface or utensil used as an alternative to mould.

*Wobbles may take longer to set if larger volume moulds are used

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